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    • « Class act, solid player. Always fun to play with. »
    • « it has been about a month between our last game and today, you are continuing to grow and get better. Remember to keep working on that backhand! »
    • « This guy abuses the table height. Playing a giant who doesn't move. Poor »
    • VIOLENTPANDA wrote to GREETINGS loser about the match#47606291
      « Come on boy ! You were not so bad played last time. »
    • jamako wrote to nolapong
      « Pretty sure everytime I’ve played this guy, I win, and then he refers to me as a “lucky little fuck”. I mean good for him on being consistent, but you need some help nolapong! I hope you find it! »
    • ronanpinto3 wrote to Skylla about the match#47601103
      « My best performance ever in my life on 11 table tennis, a win with a 3200, that too not once but twice. The strategy that worked for me was short chop returns on his backhand. He ended up hitting the aggressive returns out of the table. Plus would suprise him regularly with slow side chop block on some speedy returns and the fast serve as well. This is very motivating for me. »
    • Megachip wrote to RICHARD89 about the match#47575078
      « Sorry for the battery issue :( »
    • Nosok wrote to de_lights about the match#47567420
      « Саепись »
    • arteman wrote to nolapong about the match#47532537
      « why were the rating points removed if the tie was before the connection was broken? »
    • « Great Player with a phenomenel Smash »

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